Camp is Around the Corner

We are so excited for our first week of camp! It is just around the corner! As we get closer we would like to ask folks to start making any outstanding payments they may have for the sessions they are attending.

We ask that you make payment prior to the session your son/daughter is attending to help us get everyone registered. You can make outstanding payments at the site below:


  1. I Paid for Camp when I signed Up my Son/Daughter, Do I need to make any Payments?
    • No, if you have paid in Full you are all set
  2. If I am attending multiple sessions, when should I make Payments for each session?
    • We ask that everyone make sure they have paid for the session they will be attending in advance of attending that session. The best practice is to pay for all sessions at the time of sign up, but as long as we receive payment in advance that is our focus.
  3. If I signed up for 1 Session but now want to add another session, what should I do?
    • If you want to add more sessions, we encourage reaching out to us to adjust your application via email. We will then instruct you on what your remaining payment will be for the extra sessions. Keep in mind, the more sessions you sign up for, the more you save each week.