Eyes in Our Finger Tips

To be a good basketball player, you need to make good decisions...

To help you make good decisions, it takes practice to get comfortable with the basketball so you can focus more on what's going on around you, and not on dribbling the basketball. When your dribbling the ball, it's extremely important to keep your eyes up to see who may be open or where a defender is. If your head is down, you can't see your open teammates or where the next defender is.

How do we keep our eyes up and not down? We need eyes in our finger tips!

By practicing over and over again, we train ourselves to trust that when the ball goes down it will bounce back up. So by practicing your dribbling skills, we can put "eyes in our finger tips" and stop looking down at the ball and look up at our teammates instead. Check out some of these dribbling drills you can do on your own:


-Maravich Series
•Pass the ball around your waist as fast as you can
•Switch Directions (Every time you switch directions, Slap the ball to start)
•Pass the ball around your ankles
•Switch Direction
•Pass the ball around your head
•Switch Direction
•Now do the whole body: Once around you head, then waist, then ankles then back to waist, then head, then back down to waist, ankles,  Etc...

Stationary Ball Handling

-Righty Low
-Righty High (Pound the ball as hard as you can, as high as you can while keeping your hand on top, under control)
-Righty Low
•Switch to Left
-Lefty Low
-Lefty High (Same as Righty)
-Lefty Low

-Figure 8
•Beginners start with your legs spread, and role the ball with your finger tips in a figure 8 motion
•Then try and do the same thing with the dribble
•As you get better, you want to try and do smaller and smaller dribbles around your legs...Trying to dribble as many times as you can in one figure 8
•Advanced Players Keep Your Eyes Up!

2-Ball Dribbling
-Rhythm Low (Bounce at same time)
-Rhythm High (Same as above)
-Rhythm Low

-Alternate Low (Bounce at different times)
-Alternate High (Same as above)
-Alternate Low

-First to Third (Swing balls from side to side, picture baseball diamond- 1st base to 3rd base; Right to left, left to right)

-Second to Home (forward and back)

•Try walking while dribbling rhythm/alternate
•Try jogging
-Now Zig Zag rhythm
-Zig Zag Alternate

These are just a few to get you started! Good Luck!