Camp Sign Ups Underway

We are well underway with camp signs ups for this summer. So far it is looking to be another great summer. Many have signed up already but if you haven't...there are still spots left! So make sure to sign up soon!

A few FAQ's:

1. Can I Sign Up Today and Pay Later?

-Yes, just select our Deposit Option today, pay $65 Now and the remaining balance before camp starts

2. Do we need to pack a lunch?

-Yes, please send your child with a bagged lunch. Water will be provided on site. And no basketball needed...we have plenty :)

3. Is there still space in Session _____ ?

-Yes, there still is space in all our sessions. But please sign up as soon as possible to help us manage the numbers, so we can staff camp accordingly.(As of May 2)

Camp is Around the Corner

We are so excited for our first week of camp! It is just around the corner! As we get closer we would like to ask folks to start making any outstanding payments they may have for the sessions they are attending.

We ask that you make payment prior to the session your son/daughter is attending to help us get everyone registered. You can make outstanding payments at the site below:


  1. I Paid for Camp when I signed Up my Son/Daughter, Do I need to make any Payments?
    • No, if you have paid in Full you are all set
  2. If I am attending multiple sessions, when should I make Payments for each session?
    • We ask that everyone make sure they have paid for the session they will be attending in advance of attending that session. The best practice is to pay for all sessions at the time of sign up, but as long as we receive payment in advance that is our focus.
  3. If I signed up for 1 Session but now want to add another session, what should I do?
    • If you want to add more sessions, we encourage reaching out to us to adjust your application via email. We will then instruct you on what your remaining payment will be for the extra sessions. Keep in mind, the more sessions you sign up for, the more you save each week.

Update on Camp

Dear Campers,

We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! It is starting to feel a lot like summer and that means Basketball Camp is Near!

Enrollment so far is off the charts, we have already surpassed last Summer and we are still accepting applications! We even added a third week this year to make this our best summer yet!

As we approach July, we want to update everyone on a date change we had to make in Session 1. Due to the July 4th Holiday falling on Saturday this year, Framingham is closing its buildings on Monday, July 6th.

Please note the New Session 1 DatesJuly 7th - July 10th (Tuesday - Friday). Same Time! Same Place!

Session 1 is the only week with the change in dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. (We are hoping this may actually work better for folks, as you won't have to rush back from your holiday weekend). Sometimes things fall out of our control, but we do our best to work through these things! Thank you all in advance for your understanding. 

Session 1: July 7th - 10th (Tuesday - Friday)
Framingham High School

Session 2: July 13th - 16th (Monday - Thursday)
Framingham High School

Session 3: July 20th - 23rd (Monday - Thursday)
Framingham State University

Off to a Great Start!

Summer 2015 Camp Enrollment is growing each day! So many former campers are returning for another great summer. We also have many new campers signing up after hearing about how much fun their friends have had and seeing how much their friends have improved!

Last summer we had so many campers ask if we had more weeks of camp, that we added a third week this summer! 

We wanted to let everyone know that THERE IS STILL ROOM in all three sessions, but make sure to sign up soon before camp fills up!


-Coach Druker

Extended Day

We are happy to announce we are now offering an Extended Day Program for those who want MORE SUMMER CAMP FUN! And also, for those who work and cannot pick their Son/Daughter up from camp at 3pm.

Below is the Schedule for Extended Day:


3:00 pm - Shoot Around

3:15 pm - Afternoon Activity

4:30 pm - Snack/Break

5:00 pm - Dismissal


Each afternoon an activity or activities will be chosen by campers with some curation from the coaching staff. These can be basketball related or even just fun activities to give everyone a break from a day of Basketball Camp. 

Extended Day is offered on top of the Camp Tuition Price. For Campers Attending:

1 week - Extended Day is offered for $35 a week

2 weeks - Extended Day is offered for $30 a week

3 weeks - Extended Day is offered for $25 a week

*Extended Day Payments are Due at the Start of each Camp Week*

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pay for Camp Tuition?

Camp Tuition can be paid by Credit Card via this link (After Filling out an Application)


By Check via this link (After Filling out an Application) and Mailed

2. Does the Druker School have an Extended Day Program, if I can't pick my Son/Daughter Up at 3pm?

Yes, we offer an extended day program until 5pm unless other arrangements are made. For Campers attending:

1 Week - Extended Day is an additional $35

2 Weeks - Extended Day is an additional $30

3 Weeks - Extended Day is an additional $25

4. Where is the Camp Located?

Session 1 - Framingham High School, 115 A Street Framingham MA, 01701

Session 2 - Framingham High School, 115 A Street Framingham MA, 01701

Session 3 - Framingham State University, 100 State Street Framingham MA, 01701

5. What Grades can Attend Camp?

Boys and Girls Entering 3rd Grade in the Fall of 2015 all the way up to Entering 9th Grade in the Fall of 2015

6. Is Lunch Provided?

Lunch is not provided by the Druker School. Everyone should bring a bagged lunch. There is a concession stand at Framingham State University open to the Campers if they would like to buy snacks, drinks or lunch from there. At Framingham High School, there is no concession stand open during camp hours.

2015 Camp Enrollment OPEN!!!

We are happy to announce that we are now taking applications for the upcoming summer!

We have 3 sessions this summer. Session 1 & 2 are at Framingham High School. Session 3 is at Framingham State University. 

How do you save $$$? Sign up for multiple sessions!

If you sign up for at least 2 sessions, you save $30.00. Instead of paying $165, you only pay $150 each week. 

If you sign up for all 3 sessions, you save $90.00!!! You only pay $135 per week! 

Make sure you sign up early to save your spot! Space fills up quickly!

Special Announcement

We are excited to announce each camper is getting a free camp basketball!

We have partnered with Baden Sports, who also makes the Basketballs we use for High School practices and games.

As we get closer to camp, the staff is coming up with some great ideas and changes to keep improving camp and this is just 1 of the many new things to come!

Stay tuned, as we have more up our sleeves!

FAQ's about Camp

Do you still have room in session 1?

YES! We have room in both session 1 and 2. But make sure to get your application in soon and save your spot!

Do you provide lunch?

We do not provide lunch. But there is a snack shack that is open during camp hours where campers can purchase snacks, lunch, drinks etc...  

Can I drop my Son/Daughter off early and pick up late?

On the first day of camp (Monday), camp doors open at 8am. Tuesday - Thursday camp doors open at 8:30am. Pick Up is at 3pm. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact Coach Druker to make arrangements. (We are pretty flexible)

Where is Pick-Up/Drop-Off?

Our coaching staff will be outside directing you where to go. There is a Semi-Circle off the main road, State Street (cuts the campus in half), where our staff will direct you to drop campers off and pick up campers. If you want/need to come inside, there is a parking lot across from the semi-circle where you can park. (Parking is down the hill, and then you walk up to the gym)

"Walking up the hill is very inconvenient"

Yes, we apologize in advance. We are working on the following solutions: (See the below Links)

Hover Golf Cart

Car Shuttle

Carrying Service

Stark Industries

In all seriousness, we do have a solution for those who prefer not to park and come in but need to sign up or have questions. Coaches will be able to remotely check campers in/and sign new campers up at the top of the circle as well as at the gym.


Stay Tuned! We have an exciting announcement coming soon about camp!

Enrollment Update 2014

We are off to a great start with new campers enrolling each day and many returning campers ready for another great summer of basketball!  In fact, we are way ahead of last years enrollment at this time! Make sure to sign up if you haven't already and save your spot!

I wanted to update everyone so you are not wondering if we got your application yet...The answer is YES!

We are inputing campers into our system as fast as we can. And getting out confirmation emails as soon as possible. But we are getting applications faster than we can input so please be patient with us!

See you soon! Stay Tuned!

Session 2 Recap

What a week to end the summer on! Our second session was full of players from session 1 along with many new faces!

We had another great week with 2 leagues; the NBA and the NCAA.

We had campers from Framingham, Natick, Southborough, Milford, Ashland, Holliston and Sudbury!

On Thursday we had Framingham High School Varsity Coach Adam Cluff speak to us about improving and putting in the hour a day it takes to get better!

We ended the week with some ice cream on a hot day! And on behalf of the coaching staff I would like to thank every player for joining us this summer for a great camp and a lot of fun.

By the end of the week the coaching staff could really see the improvement from Monday to Thursday. That is really exciting to see. Although it doesn't take just 4 days to become a better basketball player; it's a great start!

Keep working on your game, and keep having fun with it!

Coach Druker

Session 1 Recap

We had a great 1st Session this past week. A great turnout gave us two leagues: the NBA and the NCAA; made up of some awesome players and coaches.

We had campers from Framingham, Natick, Southborough, Milford, Ashland, Holliston and Sudbury!

By the end of the week the coaching staff could really see the improvement from Monday to Thursday. That is really exciting to see. Although it doesn't take just 4 days to become a better basketball player; it's a great start!

The week wasn't just about getting better at basketball but also about having a lot of fun. And we had a lot of fun!

The New Orleans Pelicans won the NBA Championship and Florida Gulf Coast won the NCAA Championship. Both got the ultimate reward of PIZZA!

We had many competition winners and contest winners...even trivia after lunch took a new twist with the help of GOOGLE! I guess in this day in age with smartphones we shouldn't post the trivia questions in advance!

At the end of the week, coaches sat down and wrote each camper an evaluation of things they did well and things they can improve on and work on. These are great tools to help your game progress. We also gave out our camp T-Shirts!

On behalf of our coaching staff I would like to thank all the players and parents for a great week and we are looking forward to another great week with Session 2 starting on Monday!

-Coach Druker

Eyes in Our Finger Tips

To be a good basketball player, you need to make good decisions...

To help you make good decisions, it takes practice to get comfortable with the basketball so you can focus more on what's going on around you, and not on dribbling the basketball. When your dribbling the ball, it's extremely important to keep your eyes up to see who may be open or where a defender is. If your head is down, you can't see your open teammates or where the next defender is.

How do we keep our eyes up and not down? We need eyes in our finger tips!

By practicing over and over again, we train ourselves to trust that when the ball goes down it will bounce back up. So by practicing your dribbling skills, we can put "eyes in our finger tips" and stop looking down at the ball and look up at our teammates instead. Check out some of these dribbling drills you can do on your own:


-Maravich Series
•Pass the ball around your waist as fast as you can
•Switch Directions (Every time you switch directions, Slap the ball to start)
•Pass the ball around your ankles
•Switch Direction
•Pass the ball around your head
•Switch Direction
•Now do the whole body: Once around you head, then waist, then ankles then back to waist, then head, then back down to waist, ankles,  Etc...

Stationary Ball Handling

-Righty Low
-Righty High (Pound the ball as hard as you can, as high as you can while keeping your hand on top, under control)
-Righty Low
•Switch to Left
-Lefty Low
-Lefty High (Same as Righty)
-Lefty Low

-Figure 8
•Beginners start with your legs spread, and role the ball with your finger tips in a figure 8 motion
•Then try and do the same thing with the dribble
•As you get better, you want to try and do smaller and smaller dribbles around your legs...Trying to dribble as many times as you can in one figure 8
•Advanced Players Keep Your Eyes Up!

2-Ball Dribbling
-Rhythm Low (Bounce at same time)
-Rhythm High (Same as above)
-Rhythm Low

-Alternate Low (Bounce at different times)
-Alternate High (Same as above)
-Alternate Low

-First to Third (Swing balls from side to side, picture baseball diamond- 1st base to 3rd base; Right to left, left to right)

-Second to Home (forward and back)

•Try walking while dribbling rhythm/alternate
•Try jogging
-Now Zig Zag rhythm
-Zig Zag Alternate

These are just a few to get you started! Good Luck!

Inside Out

When it comes to warming up before you play, you want to start close to the basket and work your way out.

A lot of players like to come out and throw up a few 3's, test their NBA range...but all they are really doing is hurting their form and wasting their time...

Start nice and close to the rim and do some form shooting.  Stand about a foot away from the rim, straight ahead.  Set your feet, be in an athletic stance, feet shoulder width apart, put the ball in your strong hand, let your opposite hand rest by your side, BEND. EXTEND. FOLLOW-THROUGH.  Flick your wrist and reach into the center of the basket.

I like to do this over and over until my arm gets tired, trying to do the same thing over and over, to build MUSCLE MEMORY.  You want to make your shot feel like second nature, something you don't think about, you just do!  Think about walking, you don't need to tell your left foot to move and then your right.  You want to go forward, your feet walk forward...

After taking about 25 shots form shooting, I would add my opposite hand, your GUIDE HAND, and take another 25 shots.  You want to keep building that MUSCLE MEMORY.

This is the first 5 minutes you step onto the floor.  Warming up properly is essential to your success.  But thats just warming up your upper body...

What about your legs?  We need to get your legs warmed up next!  What I like to do after I've done my form shooting is to go BASELINE TO BASELINE...I spin the ball out to myself and step into my shot about 10 feet from the basket, then I do the same thing on the other baseline (Left & Right of Basket-Same Baseline). Etc...

This is a quick example of a warm-up, everyone is different...come up with a routine and stick to it!